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Commission Prices

Anime Chibis:
Sketch: 5 :points:
Line-art: 10 :points:
Coloured: 20 :points:
With Background: 30 :points:

Total Drama Style:
:bulletblack: Sketched
1 person full bodied: 15 :points:
1 person bust only: 10 :points:
1 person head-shot: 5 :points:
with sketched background: 20 :points:
more than 1 person without background: 30 :points:
more than 1 person with background: 35 :points:

1 person head-shot: 10 :points:
1 person bust shot: 15 :points:
1 person full bodied: 20 :points:
with background: 35 :points:
more than 1 person without background: 45 :points:

Commission prices con.

more than 1 person with background: 50 :points:

:bulletred: Block Coloured
1 person head-shot: 15 :points:
1 person bust: 20 :points:
1 person full bodied: 25 :points:
with background: 40 :points:
more than 1 person without background: 50 :points:
more than 1 person with background: 55 :points:
shading: 60 :points:

Anime Style:

Sketch: 15 :points:
Lineart: 20 :points:
Block Coloured: 30 :points:
Shading: 35 :points:
1 person with simple background: 40 :points:
more than 1 person with simple background: 50 :points:
1 person with complex background: 55 :points:
More than 1 person with complex background: 65 :points:

:bulletblue: I will draw OCs

:bulletgreen: I won't draw:
heavy gore
heavy drug or alcohol use/implication
Please remember these are only guidelines, the actual price may be more or less. I'll give you the exact amount when you sent me your description of the commission request



I'm planning on starting a LP channel on YouTube, what should my username be?
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Merry Christmas 2014 by Haxisal-XIII
Merry Christmas 2014
Just a lil' drawing that took me all day yesterday to finish on the computer (seriously I was up until midnight finishing this). It's a lot of characters throwing a christmas party. From left to right:

Lin Koujo from Ghost Hunt- He's probably emailing someone...probably Naru...
Demyx from Kingdom Hears- He's either trying to get a sneak peek at the presents or fixing the tree and got stuck.
Lucy Heartfelia from Fairy Tail- She just finished getting changed into her Christmas outfit and is making sure she looks ok.
Subaru Ichiyanagi from My Sweet Bodyguard (otome game)- Getting annoyed at Heliax for eating the chocolate covered strawberries he made for the party.
Yuki from Vampire Knight- The only one who seems to notice poor Demyx is stuck under the tree.
Caixsa and Haxisal: :iconhawkrider:'s and My own OCs- Both (very quickly) figuring out who destoyed the party plan (a certain firecrotch)
Heliax :iconkirkysaurus:'s OC- Eating Subaru's chocolate covered strawberries, because he has a wierd thing for strawberries...
Eren Jaeger rom Attack on Titan- Helping put up the cristmas decoration by directing. (It doesn't look much like Eren...sorry)
and finally
Nexdrak my own OC- Putting up decorations and destroying the place in the process, and of course she changed out of her Org. XII coat to do it.
The first time he ever meet you, you were a teenager around the age of 15 or 16 with clear goals and a realistically optimistic opinion of the world. He remembered it almost as well he remembered his own name.


He had returned to Wammy’s House to give advice to the kids who were now being taught to follow in his footsteps and to visit Mr. Wammy to discuss the next case for him to go on, these two events managed to fill most of his day and evening had quickly descended upon the house. But, as usual, his sweet tooth wasn’t satisfied with waiting to get its fix so he found himself heading towards the kitchen, halting mid-step and he noticed the light in the room where he was headed was on. Continuing towards his destination, he opened the door to the room slowly to reveal a teenage girl sat on the countertop with [h/c] hair, consuming an apple and a drink of some sort.

“You know that sitting on that counter means food prepared on it is 36% more likely to cause infection.” He stated, continuing to stare blankly at the girl as her form jolted slightly in surprise, before once again relaxing once she realised whom the intruder was.
“So you’re the infamous L whom we are meant to aspire to be like?” She questioned lightly, returning his stare with her own curious [e/c] orbs. He simply nodded in reply, watching as her face settled a soft smile.
“I see.” She whispered, toying with the ring on a thin chain hung from her neck as she hopped down from the counter, tossed the apple core in the bin before walking to the fridge, from which she retrieved a simple strawberry cheesecake that she proceeded to cut into slices and place at the table with a single fork next to it.
“I heard from Mr. Wammy that you have quite the sweet addiction.” She giggled at his slightly confused expression and motioned for him to sit. “Go ahead, I made it for you.”
“Is that so? And who might you be?” He mumbled; situating himself in front of the cake and sampling it, mildly surprised at the taste as the care that had been put into its creation shone as clear as daylight.
“Me?” She asked, pointing to herself with an innocent expression before once again playing with the ring around her neck. “People call me [n/n] around here, since we don’t use real names and all.” As he studied her, he noticed that the gentle smile never left her face, her features were delicate and a marvellous piece of unblemished art, every limb was dainty. He would almost have believed that she was completely out of place, a simple visitor, were it not for her eyes. Despite her kind expression, her eyes couldn’t conceal the sadness and guilt, among other emotions, that lay within them.
“Why would you put so much effort into an item for someone you have never met?” He questioned. Her form moved slightly, before gracefully turning to walk towards the door, before glancing back towards him just once and stating
“I guess I made it as a thank you. After all, I don’t believe you could begin to fathom all you have done for me L.” Before turning and walking down the corridor towards the rooms, with L listening intently until your echoed footsteps faded from hearing.
“[n/n]…” He muttered to himself, placing his thumb on his lower lip as his dull eyes focused on where she had just been stood. “What an interesting girl.”


With his curiosity piqued about the mysterious girl he knew as [n/n], L hadn’t hesitated to question Wammy as to who you were. Despite all the questioned he had asked, the only information that had been revealed to him was that your real name was [y/n] [l/n], the lack of information left him completely unsatisfied and in fact only left him more curious as to your identity. With this new found hunger for knowledge L found himself visiting Wammy’s house far more often, most of his visits having the soul purpose of getting to know you better.

It took him far longer than he had expected to start to figure out the puzzle [y/n] presented. But slowly, you began to opening up, going from leaving him with vague points and hints to answering his questions fully and without hesitation. You informed him that your real name was [y/n] [l/n] and that you had originally lived in Los Angeles. He was quite shocked to discover you had only been moved to the orphanage mere weeks before he had met you, after your parents had been murdered working on the LA/BB case that he had helped solve.

You confessed that the ring you held onto so tightly belonged to your mother, who had worn it constantly, and that after their deaths you had been more than hesitant to join the family career of investigation or police work due to their untimely and gruesome demise that had left a void in your heart because of their sudden absence. L was also surprised to learn that his involvement in bringing your parents murderer to justice, and his devotion to fighting the evils of the world had helped bring your from your depressed state and had inspired you to follow in his footsteps to help bring as much peace to the world as you could, so no child had to live without parents.

As L found himself learning more about you, he also found the urge to protect you growing with his knowledge. He wanted to lock you away and protect you from harm, to try and defend the small amount of innocent left within you and never let it be extinguished. Perplexed by such a feeling, he simply pushed them aside to be analysed later, and decided instead to try and assist you along your chosen career path, giving you hints and tips when necessary and encouraging you when you felt lost and uncertain.

But unfortunately these time were not to last, as you grew older and continued to forge your path, he was often called off on cases. Slowly but surely the time the two of you spent together was whittled away until it stopped altogether 2 years after your first meeting. And as well as he remembered your first meeting, he also remembered your last words to him.

"See you again soon L!"

After this you had disappeared from sight quickly, leaving L no time to react to the quick kiss you had placed upon his lips.

~*~*~*~*~*~*2 Years Later~*~*~*~*~*~*

Slowly he continued to plough through the facts he knew, desperately trying to uncover the truth. He was certain that Light Yagami was Kira, however proving this theory was easier said then done, he still had to find how Kira killed in the first place. The rest of the Task Force were gathered around him, watching the same footage as he was, but his attention was pulled from the screen when Watari approached him, only just catching the look of shock on his face when he handed the phone over.

"Yes, Ryuzaki speaking." It took only moments before his eyes widened, the phone was dropped to the floor and he rose to his feet, heading for the exit with the rest of the Task Force quickly following, questioning what was wrong.


He couldn't believe it. After 2 years, he once again found himself running a hand through your hair. Your features had matured and become even more elegant, his fingertips glided gently over your cheek, as if to check you were real. Indeed, your form was no illusion; the person in front of him was you. If only your delicate skin hadn't been cold to the touch.
“Her name was-” The Coroner began, only to be cut off by L
“[f/n] [l/n].” L finished, ignoring the confused glances of his colleagues as her continued to stare down at your pale corpse. Yagami looked sick to his stomach and placed a hand over his mouth, barely able to look at your form.
“Was it a heart attack?” The Coroner replied with a brief.
“I don’t get it.” Matsuda stated “Why do we think this was Kira’s doing?”
“She’s so young.” Aizawa muttered, Light simply nodded in agreement
“Yeah, what would Kira gain from killing her?”
“Don’t let appearances fool you.” L said, his voice remaining monotone “[f/n] was a skilled private investigator, and often took on jobs where her life was put in danger. If my theory is correct, she was working on the Kira case, and got to close for Kira’s, or the second Kira’s comfort. Due to this, they annihilated the threat. This means that [y/n] probably had information on Kira that we could find useful.” Before returning his attention to the girl before him as Watari collected her belongings from the Coroner.
“Oh [y/n]…” He whispered, his voice barely audible as he stared at you with sad eyes, wishing that you would open your eyes and give him that dazzling smile just once more. As his gaze raked over your figure, he noticed the ring still hung from your neck, the way it always was.

“[n/n]” L questioned, causing the [h/c] haired girl to glance up at him.
“What is it L?”
“Did that ring belong to your Mother?”
“Eh?! How did you figure that out?!” You questioned, moving back slightly.
“I only ask because you always wear it. I theorised it to be your Mother’s as the ring is slightly too large to fit your own finger, it also appears to be a wedding ring ruling you out as the original owner. You also seems to hold it when you’re nervous or feel out of control meaning that you gain a sense of security and protection from it, something you mentioned missing since your parents passing. Finally, the design is feminine, this simple fact narrowed the answer from your parents to your Mother alone.”
“Yes you’re right, it was my Mother’s.” You whispered after a few moments, lowering your gaze to the floor and pulling your knees into your chest. “She always told me that if she died she wanted me to have it, and to hopefully pass it on to my children as well. It somehow helps me feel closer to them, silly right?” At your pitiful laugh, L frowned.
“Actually, it’s quite normal.”
“Really?” He nodded as your gaze met with his own.
“Yes, it’s normal for people who miss a loved one to hold onto something of theirs to simply remind them of their existence. I find it admirable that you still have that ring despite the fact it brings you sorrow.”
“After all, it reminds you of your parents death as well, does it not?” Silence consumed the two of you for a moment, before your lips lifted into a small grin and you chuckled.
“It’s almost disturbing how well you can read me. But I guess that is one of the things I love about you.”
“But I have a request for you L.” You muttered, looking in the opposite direction with red cheeks as he too tried to calm his heartbeat. ‘Of course she didn’t mean it like that.’ He thought.
“What is this request?”
“That if something happens to me, you’ll take care of this ring.” Holding up your hand to stop his questions you continued, “I’m becoming a private investigator L, we both know that it isn’t exactly the safest job in the world. There’s a possibility that I could end up hurt or dead. I need you to promise me that, if you can, you’ll do this for me.”
“…Alright.” He sighed “Only because it’s you, and on one condition.”
“Which is?”
“That you’ll try your hardest to make me not have to keep that promise.”
“Deal!” You had laughed, smiling at him warmly as you shook his outstretched hand.

With this in mind, he gently tugged the chain until the fastener came into view, which he gently unclasped before removing the chain from it’s resting place and placing it, along with the ring, around his own neck; leaving your collarbone horrifically bare.
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise, and I’ll catch Kira, your efforts will not be in vain.” He murmured, pressing his lips to your forehead with care, memorising the feel of your skin one last time before pulling back, casting another gaze over your body and finally pulling the white sheet over you. He strode over to Watari who handed him the bag of [y/n]’s possessions, from which as USB stick caught his eye, looking closely he noticed the word ‘Kira’ barely visible on the side of it. Meeting with Watari’s solemn eyes he nodded slightly, gripping the USB stick as if it were his lifeline as he walked silently over to the door.
“Ryuzaki, wait!”
“What’s wrong?”
“Did you know her or something?”
“Ryuzaki, you seem far more affected by this girl then the other victims.” Light said, raising an eyebrow “Is there a reason for that?”

L’s figure froze in the doorway, before he turned back towards the group and raising his gaze to their eye level, shocking them slightly. His expression may have not faltered, but his eye shone with a mixture of rage and determination they had never seen to stoic man display. He fist tightened around the USB stick again, while his other hand grazed over the ring now hung from his neck.

“Let’s just say” L stated, meeting his gaze with Light’s “by killing [f/n], Kira just made this case very personal.”
L x Reader- Made This Personal
Because f*ck timelines  Kill ya .

For those of you who are lost on ages and stuff like that- L met the reader when she was around 16, they became closer over the course of a year but these meetings stopped when the reader was 18. Two years later, 4 years after meeting her the Kira cases is happening. So the reader in 'present day' is 20.

And yes, I do like making sure that your feels self-destruct button still works Fan Tehe Emoticon 

I beg of you to leave a comment, I like to know what you guy like, and what irritates you about my work so I can adjust accordingly.

I'm planning on starting a LP channel on YouTube, what should my username be? 

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Off again and a life update!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 3:43 PM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME

Well, as a few of you may know, I left school in June with good grades and chose to go onto Sixth Form (basically extended studies on subjects at a higher level). However this option just didn't work for me and I left 2 weeks into my 4 courses as it felt like a waste of time. Since then I gave been studying for financial qualifications with the IFS and am looking for an apprenticeship in an office  and I have applied for a Christmas job!

Along with that I'm going on holiday again (surprise, suprise). This time to Hawaii for 17 days. So see ya all in November if I can't get any internet (you never know on these holidays).



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